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I, too, often found myself yearning for a life outside of my own. Looking at witches on social media with envy as you scroll through hundreds of pictures of ornately put-together altars, elegant vintage tools and cards, and their power and freedom - evident by their successful careers performing intuitive, meaningful, magickal work. 

Meanwhile you're procrastinating getting out of bed and getting ready to get to a job that drains your entire cup every single day. You stopped doing all of the things you once loved - reading, drawing, writing, making music, cooking, sewing, crafting - because you don't have time. Each day has become about just getting through the next, until suddenly you realize you're subconsciously numb to everything and everyone around you. 

And then the most wonderful thing happens to you: curiosity. So maybe you don't have the big, fancy altar, or the cards, or the crystals, or anything you're "supposed" to have to be a witch. But wow do you have curiosity. If those are "real" witches, you're not sure what you are yet, but you're excited about something! You're interested in studying and learning in a way you haven't felt since those early years before school became another thing you "had to do."

So you get a crystal. Then a book. A deck of cards. Another crystal. And when you're online looking for your next book you get stuck. 

Where do you begin? What kind of witch are you? Are you a witch? Is it magick or is it in your head? Wait a second, who do you think you are?! What will your friends and family say?! So you get off the web search. You get back on an Instagram scroll. The crystals, cards, and book goes untouched. And you're back to square one. Envy and procrastination. Getting through today just to get to the next.


This, here, now, right in this moment: THIS IS YOUR SIGN! You are powerful. You do have magick. We all do.


You are That Witch. 

You were just in the wrong neighborhood. 

Welcome, I'm That Witch Next Door. I'm glad you found your way back home. And now? It's time to learn, grow, and succeed. Together.

What People Say


Kailee N.

Our session was SO in depth beyond what I imagined and I was resonating with so much of what Dani was explaining to me with my personal and business astrology charts. I have been noticing and feeling like a huge shift is coming my way and after this session I feel more prepared, educated and aligned with how I move forward.


Lena L.

Dani goes out of her way to personalize her craft to each individual she works with, and as a client and a good friend that means so much to me. It shows that she takes the time to learn and know each and every client to make each experience magical.


Deanna A.

Dani is always so attentive and in tune to what is happening in my life and what is most needed at that time, always very knowledgeable dealing with my natal chart and always listens so we can work on what I most need at that time


this mentorship is for you if:

This is not for you if:

  • You're a witch looking to level up your daily ritual practice and manifestation mindset

  • You're wanting to maintain a sustainable life-work balance that fills your cup

  • You want to use your personal astrology, but you're learning feels too overwhelming

  • You are looking to start your own successful witchy or spiritual business 

  • Are a spiritual entrepreneur or witchy biz owner seeking support in business fundamentals

  • You have an open mind and are ready to do the inner work

  • You're ready for a mindful, magickal life and business through sustainable, fulfilling growth and abundance

  • You're looking for someone to do your spells for you

  • You're not willing to do the work--Shadow Work

  • You think astrology, witchcraft, and divination, like tarot, are evil, a hoax, false, etc.

  • You're not interested in growing as a person or business owner

  • You're looking for someone to make your life and/or professional decisions for you

  • You're looking for validation for toxic or abusive behavior

  • You're racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, elitist, or otherwise generally hateful person 

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12 Weeks:
Six 90min Sessions

1:1 sessions devoted to your custom education and coaching experience. A blend of tutoring in magick and astrology, professional coaching, and my own intuitive spiritual guidance and channels.


My program structure is specifically designed to support and provide a consistent yet completely unique experience for each client.


Mentor Support

That's right, even during our bi-weeks you'll be able to connect with me via Slack.

Have a quick website or social media question? Stuck on an astrological aspect? Need help interpreting a dream, card, chart, sign/message? Podcast troubleshooting?


Here I can offer additional support, guidance, and insight as you work through the course material and action plans.


Witchy Business: Practical Strategy 
Intuitive Practice

I've been an entrepreneur and business owner for six years and in that time I've done the over-worked-until-ready-to-throw-in-the-towel-on-a-weekly-basis thing.

I'm here to show you a better way. Your dreams of not just a sustainable self-income, but also a sustainable life-work balance aren't years and years down the road like it may feel like.

I learned the hard way so you don't have to. We'll create a business plan and strategy that fits AND feels good. 

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Applicable Astrology
Modern Magick
Fulfilling Career

We'll use ritual magick, shadow work, astrology, mindfulness practice, and basic business fundamentals to build a foundation built to foster success and growth.

I specialize in:
Astrology for personal development

Astrology for business development

Cosmic Witchcraft

Kitchen Witchcraft

Home & Hearth Magick

Death & Grief Work

Shadow Work

Dream Interpretation
Tarot & Divination
Mindfulness Training
Instagram strategy & growth
Podcast production, strategy, & growth
Business strategy

Content strategy
Brand message
Ethical, intuitive marketing


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