I love the full moon as much as the next witch, but here’s the thing: it makes me sad that the full moon gets all the hype, all the glory. It’s not that I don’t have a world of appreciation for that big, beautiful babe when she’s full-to-the-brim, it’s the fact that she goes back to being neglected for the rest of the month.

PSA: there is a waxing, a waning, and a new moon! She deserves all the love all month long. And while most of us aim to perform major spellwork and ceremonies when she’s at her roundest, it can actually be more beneficial to align certain spells and rituals with other phases of Miss Luna.

Before we get into the individual phases, I want to make one thing very clear: do not overthink this moon phase thing! It is true that each phase is associated with various magickal intentions, and trying to align a specific spell under a certain moon really can benefit the ritual. BUT if today just feels like the right time to perform your spell, then it is. Your intuition trumps all else in witchcraft.


Tonight’s the night, friends. Full Moon in Gemini. As Refinery29 points out, the last full moon of the year and decade. Read more about this moon’s influence here, here, and here.

In witchcraft, the full moon is all about going big or going home. Since the moon’s pull and influence are at their strongest, psychic abilities can be heightened, and manifestation and divination can be more successful. It’s very common to save big spells and rituals for the night of the full moon, or even a specific full moon of the year.


When the moon is waning it means it is “getting smaller” and making its way to the new moon. As the moon’s pull starts to soften, this is the perfect time for banishing, cord-cutting, and releasing. I like to give whatever energy I’m leaving behind to the waning moon so that it becomes enveloped in the darkness of the new moon. I envision it being drawn away from me and transmuted into the blackness to be neutralized and returned for higher use.


If I had to pick a favorite or name the phase I’m most drawn to, it would be the new moon. Tranquility fills me and I look forward to some peace and quiet. The new moon is also known as the dark moon, and if one month has two new moons, the second is called the black moon. This darkness is the perfect time for shadow work, meditation, journaling (though followers of my blog know I recommend journaling as much as possible), and reflection. Like the full moon is known for its high energy, I like to think of the new moon as its very welcome counterpart. An evening of still contemplation. To me, it’s the perfect night to recharge for the month ahead.


When the moon is waxing it is “getting bigger.” This building energy makes it the perfect time for any kind of attraction magick; whether it be attracting love, money, health, etc. As the moon grows, think of your intentions coming closer or gaining strength. You can also time out a few days prior to the full moon and use those last days of the waxing phase to begin a ritual and complete it on the night of the full moon.

As I said when I began, the most important factor here is what you feel called to do. When I’m not sure when the best time to carry out my spell would be I like to flip through a book, browse Google, maybe ask for advice in a Facebook group, and then I feel like I can make an informed decision. But many times it’s my gut that tells me when the best time is. And honestly I listen to that more than anything because it has yet to steer me in the wrong direction.

Now, go enjoy the last full moon of 2019. Don’t forget to charge your crystals, maybe enjoy some special wine or a cup of hot tea. Sit at your altar and let the moon’s influence direct your course. Maybe you’ll feel drawn to read your cards, maybe you’ll connect with your patron deity, maybe you’ll watch Netflix and go to bed. But after tonight, think about planning some cool stuff for the upcoming waning moon or new moon.

As always, I love hearing from you, so make sure to drop a comment below or contact me with questions, tips, feedback, and suggestions!

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