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Level 02: The Layers of the Zodiac Signs




April 2024


About the Course

For the first time ever I am offering the LIVE teaching of my astrology courses outside of That Witch School! Level 02 will be available for registration Spring 2024, or you can purchase the complete program to secure your registration for the whole year here.

This portion of our program is a deep dive into the different layers of the zodiac signs that give each of them their unique personality or flavor.

  • The Modalities

    • Cardinal signs

    • Mutable signs

    • Fixed signs

  • The Elements

    • Fire signs

    • Earth signs

    • Air signs

    • Water signs

  • The Polarities

    • Left brain/Right brain (Masculine/Feminine)

  • Recognizing zodiac energy IRL

(Psst! Did you know you can get automatic registration + access to the full I Can Read My Astrology program by enrolling as a Full-Time Student in That Witch School?)

Your Instructor

Dani Wright

Dani Wright

Dani Wright, That Witch Next Door, is an instructor & mentor of magickal living and practical astrology.

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