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Podcast Coaching Session

For spiritual and witchy podcasters seeking guidance and support!

  • 1 h
  • 595 US dollars
  • Online session


Whether you're still in the planning stages or have a show you already host, I love to help passionate witches, astrologers, soulpreneurs, and energy workers grow the podcast of their dreams. Podcasting is an incredibly rewarding and lucrative platform that unfortunately sees a huge amount of turnover in new podcasts, because let's face it, we weren't taught how to podcast the way we grew up on social media. I'm currently hosting my third show, That Witch Podcast, which has already garnered almost 30k downloads since its launch less than a year ago. I launched in July 2021 and already average... -1,800 downloads per week -6,600 downloads per month There's no magick spell, no secrets, and no gimmicks here! Just an authentic message, listener connection, continued consistency, and clear marketing strategy. If you are: -Overwhelmed and intimidated -Struggling with imposter syndrome -Stagnant or lacking in your downloads -Feeling creatively blocked -Not sure where to even begin You've come to the right place, neighbor. Not only have I been exactly where you are, I've worked my way through it, and now I have a podcast I love to record, hundreds of loyal fans, reach thousands of people each week, and an effective platform for my business that isn't controlled by an algorithm. I can help you: -Brainstorm title/description/show notes -Develop recording and release schedule -Create content and marketing plan -Align your authentic message -Decide on a hosting platform and plan -Walk you through platform & directory setup -With equipment and software questions -Create a custom step-by-step action plan to fit your needs moving forward Don't join the huge percentage of new podcasters that throw in the towel on amazing shows for minor issues that can be addressed and reworked in just one 60-minute recorded consultation. Check availability to fill out your unique scheduling form and request your appointment. Calls are online via Zoom, check your email for the Zoom link after your booking has been approved. Payment plans are always available, as well as my Sliding Scale discount code for marginalized, disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folx, or any neighbor with limited access to resources. No identification or "approval" necessary, I trust you. Use code SLIDINGSCALE for 22% off your service.

Cancellation Policy

Sessions that have been canceled with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice or more will receive a full refund. Sessions canceled less than 24 hours’ notice are subject up to a 50% refund. If you do not notify me of a cancellation or a need to reschedule, and you do not attend our scheduled session, a refund will not be available. Due to the nature of these services, refunds are not available once the service has been consumed.

Questions? Send me an email!

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