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Synastry Reading

The unique energy between two people's birth charts and how to access its best potential.

  • 1 h
  • 595 US dollars
  • Online Session


Once watered down to “compatibility charts,” synastry readings are much broader than just compatibility. This truly is a reading of the poetic examination between two soul blueprints–and it’s not exclusive to romantic relationships. In fact, Family Synastry is probably the type of relationships I personally find the most fascinating. In this 60-minute recorded session you can explore the relationship of a parent and a child, between siblings or friends, potential partners, coworkers, and more. The intention being to uncover the relationship’s purpose on the souls’ paths. What this session is NOT: I am not a therapist or a counselor or a doctor or a lawyer. I cannot and will not comment or advise on medical or legal issues, and I will not offer relationship advice. I will not confirm nor deny a breakup or divorce or adultery, etc. My synastry sessions are only to learn more about the nature of the relationship itself and how to embrace its purpose as a part of your soul’s journey. “Does the other person(s) have to be present or give permission?” This is 100% up to you and is your responsibility. I will read my interpretation of the astrology charts provided and all information shared between us is strictly confidential. I have no way of verifying if what you give me is obtained in an ethical manner, so I trust that you will only provide me with information that you feel comfortable taking full responsibility and ownership of. Complete birth date (mm/dd/yyyy), birth time, and birth city are required upon booking for BOTH parties. Check availability to fill out your unique scheduling form and request your appointment. Calls are online via Zoom, check your email for the Zoom link after your booking has been approved. Payment plans are always available, as well as my Sliding Scale discount code for marginalized, disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folx, or any neighbor with limited access to resources. No identification or "approval" necessary, I trust you. Use code SLIDINGSCALE for 22% off your service.

Cancellation Policy

Sessions that have been canceled with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice or more will receive a full refund. Sessions canceled less than 24 hours’ notice are subject up to a 50% refund. If you do not notify me of a cancellation or a need to reschedule, and you do not attend our scheduled session, a refund will not be available. Due to the nature of these services, refunds are not available once the service has been consumed.

Questions? Send me an email!

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