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Dani that Witch Next Door
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Hi! I'm Dani,

That Witch Next Door.

Witchcraft, astrology, and tarot have had a profound impact on my personal growth and the success of my business. I love sharing my knowledge and experience to teach and support passionate students and aspiring entrepreneurs to combine practical, effective, & ethical magick, witchcraft, astrology, and business practices.

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You already are That Witch

I'm just going to help you remember

  • Identify + Strengthen your natural intuition & abilities

  • Explore approachable witchcraft and practical magick

  • Actually understand & use your personal astrology

  • Take the frustration out of learning tarot 

  • How and where to get started in witchcraft

  • Favorite resources for learning

  • Tips for baby witches

  • Kitchen witchery and recipes

  • Ethical magick 

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Word around the Neighborhood

Betsy F.

"Dani empowers from a deep understanding of your chart and navigates through it to paint a detailed picture of where you are and what to expect. She goes beyond to work this into your daily life and her guidance and insights are literally life changing! She is an incredible listener and leader and her sessions are so personalized that you leave more motivated than ever armed with the knowledge she has shared and exercises given. I cannot recommend Dani highly enough, her work is truly magick!"

Image by Jake Weirick
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Listen to

That Witch Podcast

A show for modern witches and mystics of all levels and backgrounds! Learn about witchcraft, astrology, and spirituality in a FUN, casual atmosphere, and how to actually apply it to your life, career, relationships, and personal growth. This is real magick for real life.


That Witch School

Learn tarot, astrology, witchcraft, and more. Group classes, monthly education materials, spells, tips, inspiration, recipes, and so much more...


Personal & business

Individual 1:1 sessions that educate and empower through astrology, tarot, intuition-strengthening, and actionable steps.


That Witch Podcast

Now in Apple's Top 100 Spiritual Podcasts in the USA!


A show for witches and mystics of all levels and backgrounds!



The Think & Grow Witch Mentorship is three months of customized, 1:1 mentoring for practical, effective modern magick and cosmic witchcraft for personal and business growth & development.