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 Level 01 Astrology 

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 The Bones of the Chart: 
  • The Signs

  • Ruling Planets

  • Major Angles

  • & Houses

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This self-paced virtual course is intended to expand your awareness and increase your knowledge of the astrological birth chart, and all of its most basic parts and pieces. 
In this class I’ll take you through the entire wheel of the zodiac–covering each of the twelve signs, their ruling planets, the major angles of the chart, and the astrological houses.

This is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Finally feel comfortable reading a birth chart

  • Start using astrology instead of just scrolling through it

  • Rely on your own intuitive interpretation instead of the pre-written ones

  • Commit to a sacred study practice and strengthen your spirituality

  • Understand the people and world around you in a helpful and useful way

  • Start thinking about offering your own professional birth chart reading

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Inspired by my popular Applicable Astrology series on That Witch Podcast, I designed this 2-hour virtual course to be spread out over time, taken in section-by-section, with integration periods in between to promote maximum retention. 

I’ll guide you through each portion of the chart to thoroughly cover each layer, and then indicate the best time to pause and stop the class for your desired amount of time. You can spread this out over weeks or a few months to fit your unique lifestyle and schedule!

By the end of this course you will have a much greater understanding of…

  • The zodiac signs- their qualities, strengths, and challenges

  • The planets- how they show up in our lives and how we embody their traits

  • The houses- what they look like and where they’re taking us

  • The four major angles of the chart and what they represent

  • How to identify the unique characteristics and traits of the planets and houses in your birth chart.

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Plus, this class includes a printer-friendly, digital 47-page pdf workbook so you can follow right along with me! Keep track of all your notes, and easy access to helpful charts and graphics you can reference again and again.
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With your $111 purchase you’ll receive immediate access to all materials, including:

2-hour recorded class video with chapters for easy navigation


Recommended homework in between sections 47-page, printer & mobile friendly digital pdf workbook



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