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 A 12-Week Transformative Mentorship 

Think &



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I, too, often found myself yearning for a life outside of my own. Looking at witches on social media with envy as you scroll through hundreds of pictures of ornately put-together altars, elegant vintage tools and cards, and their power and freedom - evident by their successful careers performing intuitive, meaningful, magickal work. 

Meanwhile you're procrastinating getting out of bed and getting ready to get to a job that drains your entire cup every single day. You stopped doing all of the things you once loved - reading, drawing, writing, making music, cooking, sewing, crafting - because you don't have time. Each day has become about just getting through the next, until suddenly you realize you're subconsciously numb to everything and everyone around you. 

And then the most wonderful thing happens to you: curiosity. So maybe you don't have the big, fancy altar, or the cards, or the crystals, or anything you're "supposed" to have to be a witch. But wow do you have curiosity. If those are "real" witches, you're not sure what you are yet, but you're excited about something! You're interested in studying and learning in a way you haven't felt since those early years before school became another thing you "had to do."

So you get a crystal. Then a book. A deck of cards. Another crystal. And when you're online looking for your next book you get stuck. 

Where do you begin? What kind of witch are you? Are you a witch? Is it magick or is it in your head? Wait a second, who do you think you are?! What will your friends and family say?! So you get off the web search. You get back on an Instagram scroll. The crystals, cards, and book goes untouched. And you're back to square one. Envy and procrastination. Getting through today just to get to the next.


This, here, now, right in this moment: THIS IS YOUR SIGN! You are powerful.

You do have magick. We all do.


You are That Witch. 

You were just in the wrong neighborhood. 

Welcome, I'm

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I'm glad you found your way back home. And now? It's time to learn, grow, and succeed. Together.

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What people say About my work



My mentorship with Dani was a truly magickal experience! I learned so much about astrology, shadow work, self care- along with tons of insightful business advice. I'm in the midst of my Saturn return in Aquarius at the moment, and working with Dani was astronomical towards moving into alignment with my future career/life path.



Dani gave me the tools and resources I needed so that I could always revisit what I learned. That was the best support because it encourages us to keep exploring! She has checked back in to see if there was anything I wanted to follow up on or had questions about, which truly shows how much she cares about her clients and their success.



There is so much that Dani touched on that resonated deeply with me. Hands down my favorite part was hearing Dani verbalize things I had been feeling about my business that I hadn't spoken up about to anyone simply because I hadn't completed the thought. She read me like a book and I felt so seen and validated!

this mentorship is for you if:

This is not 
for you if:

  • You're a witch looking to level up your daily ritual practice and manifestation mindset

  • You're wanting to maintain a sustainable life-work balance that fills your cup

  • You want to use your personal astrology, but you're learning feels too overwhelming

  • You are looking to start your own successful witchy or spiritual business 

  • Are a spiritual entrepreneur or witchy biz owner seeking support in business fundamentals

  • You have an open mind and are ready to do the inner work

  • You're ready for a mindful, magickal life and business through sustainable, fulfilling growth and abundance

  • You're looking for someone to do your spells for you

  • You're not willing to do the work--Shadow Work

  • You think astrology, witchcraft, and divination, like tarot, are evil, a hoax, false, etc.

  • You're not interested in growing as a person or business owner

  • You're looking for someone to make your life and/or professional decisions for you

  • You're looking for validation for toxic or abusive behavior

  • You're racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, elitist, or otherwise generally hateful person 

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Black Sky

What does it mean to
Think & Grow Witch?

 What You'll Accomplish On Our Journey Together: 

  • Business that actually aligns with your life and beliefs​
  • Enhanced psychic and spiritual abilities, and a witchcraft practice that actually works for you
  • Complete business foundation and brand strategy
  • Confidence in your natural abilities, your experience, and your learned knowledge ​
  • Trust in your intuitive-practical business and life decisions ​
  • A well-rounded understanding of astrology and witchcraft and how to apply them to your business​
  • Personal growth and empowerment through shadow work and intuition training​
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A 12-Week 1:1 Program

designed for the beginner witchy biz owner who's ready to take both their witchcraft and their bizcraft to the next level.

In 12 weeks you'll get:

  • Seven (7) total 1:1 90minute Mentoring Sessions

  • Five (5) Complete Learning Modules

  • Five (5) Full-Length Workbook Guides

  • Full-Time Mentor Access via Slack in between sessions

  • An Experienced Mentor Dedicated to Your Transformation 

What we'll cover:

  • The Power of Ritual

  • Practical Witch Mindset

  • Witchy Biz Basics

  • Your Brand Development

  • Life-Work Balance

  • Money Mindset Magick

  • Shadow Work Practice

  • Continuous Growth: Vision, Mindset, Strategy 

Black Sky

Interested in my
Think & Grow Witch Mentorship?

Applications are currently closed until 2023 as my family and I are preparing for a cross-country move! A fresh new chapter of Think & Grow Witch is on the horizon, and until then…


Who is...

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Learn more about your guide & mentor, Dani

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