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Harnessing The Power of Leo & Virgo July-Aug 2021

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Leo season is here, and oh my gods it is hard to ignore this unrelenting heat. Which, let's be honest, is exactly how Leo wants it--difficult to ignore its presence.

Leo is symbolized by the Lion and is ruled by the Sun, which means during Leo season our heart's path is illuminated, so we may walk with confidence and authenticity, shining brightly in all our glory along the way.

The air is thick with slow-moving heat here in Colorado, and that fixed heat is a physical reminder of the unending power of our Sun's energy. Now, definitely find ways to stay cool, but I implore you to tap into this abundant solar energy in your magick and Craft. Solar deities like Ra and Helios can be worked with and given offerings like sunflowers, marigolds, oranges, corn, frankincense, amber, citrine, tiger's eye, and of course sunstone. Personally I love making and utilizing sun tea, and charging clear, sun-safe crystals like calcite and clear quartz under the powerful midday Sun.

The Sun isn't the only luminary hanging out in Leo's arena this week, Mercury also enters as of 7:11pm mst. And this means not only is our heart's path being illuminated and powered by the Sun, but Mercury--our interaction and information-processing--is now getting a ton of fuel from bold, Sun-ruled Leo as well.

In addition to lots of influence from our Lion friend, we have quite a bit of Virgo energy coming in this week with Venus already transiting through the sign, and Mars entering on Thursday the 29th. Virgo is the Alchemist (I much closer associate Virgo with an alchemist as seen in The Numinous Astro Deck, vs the traditional maiden or virgin), and is the sign immediately following Leo, and in this transition we go from lots of pleasure & play to efficiency & execution.

In Episode 02 of That Witch Podcast I talk about taking advantage of this combined energy, so you can step with the powerful confidence of the Lion, but transform and elevate your environment and Self as you do so. These signs bring with them a burst of fresh creative energy, Leo with pure, authentic self-expression, and Virgo with a completely different kind of courage: commitment and follow-through.

Things have been shifting quite a bit lately, throwing many of us off our regular course. Like right when we started hitting our stride, someone threw a wrench in the system. Then another, and another. And then Instagram released an announcement updating the new algorithm update.

It's a lot, I know. And I'm writing up a whole other post on that, but for now I'll just say,

this--Leo & Virgo--this is the kind of astrological combo that stares straight into the eyes of unexpected change and obstacles and says, "Okay? Bring it."

Virgo doesn't really have a reputation for being brave, but I'd like to officially nominate it. I think in a fast-paced society where true commitment is a very real fear for many people, we should give credit where credit is due. The act of staying with something until the end? Adjusting and tweaking here and there, all along the way for maximum efficiency? That's a whole different kind of leadership in and of itself. There's confidence there, a deep knowing that you're going to accomplish the task at hand. This is powerful, don't take Virgo energy for granted.

So this week I want you to know and experience your own bravery, your own bold confidence. Face your commitments, unfazed and levelheaded. Step away from all that is no longer serving you, and step toward what your heart truly desires that you keep putting off. That one thing that you keep coming up with reasons of why you can't, why you're not good enough, how little time there is, why someone else and not you.

People, we're talking about the freaking Lion and the freaking Alchemist here. Read that again. The Lion and the Alchemist. A bold-ass, fucking strong, powerful, resilient LION. With the power of the SUN and that swifty mf, Mercury. And then a magickal, intelligent, also fucking strong, powerful, resilient ALCHEMIST. Do you know what alchemy is?

It's the t r a n s f o r m a t i o n of MATTER.

Venus and Mars, our interrelations, love, inspiration, arts, and beatuy, and our full on action are powering alchemical qualities and skills? Our abilities to completely transform ourselves and our environment? Stop thinking you can't and know that you can.

You Are That Witch.

We're just coming off of that Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23rd, and we'll be starting out the week with the moon in Pisces. But alllll of this Leo & Virgo is going to give us a boost in creativity, communication, and energy overall. Tap into the fiery, air-like earth and don't be afraid to be bold. Wear the outfit, take the picture, say the thing, set the boundary, walk away, step up, and remember: you can commit. You can do it, you can make the journey.

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