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The Energy Fields

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

As witches and practitioners, we all work with energy in one form or another–and honestly, we do this just as humans in general! So it's always been a surprise to me that most introductory and beginner witchcraft books make almost no mention of the different energy planes we exist and work in.

Recently this year I have read two spiritual books that I have just loved: Intuitive Witchcraft by Astrea Taylor and Monsters: An Investigator's Guide to Magical Beings by John Michael Greer. And I was thrilled to see both of these books use visual diagrams to help beginners better understand the various layers of energetic fields.

This information is wildly helpful for anyone who meditates, visualizes intentions, works in divination, practices magick, and definitely anyone interested in working with any kind of spiritual entity or being. I also think that having a firm understanding of the energy fields makes us more effective in our protection work, affirmations, and prayers, and paves the way for holistic care of our multi-faceted soul & body.

On Episode 86 of That Witch Podcast, I walk you through an Intro to the Energetic Fields to help you start building that foundation of understanding for yourself. Inspired by John Michael Greer's diagram in his Monsters book, I have created a very similar diagram to correspond with the episode so you can start more effectively visualizing the energy fields.

Download for free here:

Energetic Fields
Download PDF • 142KB

Check out the episode and comment below with your experiences, thoughts, and questions!

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1 Comment

Really enjoyed this podcast, this is such an interesting topic to me. Looking forward to the “beings” episode. I am wanting to learn more about energy fields. Where do you feel meditation lies in the fields?

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