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Use this Tarot Spread & get into a Manifestation Mindset


This week we are wrapping up Taurus season strong with some powerful aspects in astrology known as “cazimis” —AKA a planetary conjunction with the sun. Whenever another planet aligns with the sun in the same zodiac sign, you’ll often hear about the magick and potential associated with that day, but often in a way that makes it seem like there’s this fleeting opportunity to grab onto, and that you might miss it if you’re not paying attention! On today's episode of Moonday Musings on That Witch Podcast we’re going to talk about both the Uranus Cazimi and the Jupiter Cazimi happening this week, and how you can work with your mindset to let off the pressure, and be open and present for this surge of cosmic illumination and sacred clarity.

Contrary to popular belief, manifestation is much more of a mindset practice rather than a singular ritual or spell. You absolutely can use physical tools and items in manifestation work, but these are not hard requirements. Your mindset, however, is really a non-negotiable here; regardless of the tools you use or not, your mindset ultimately determines your energy at any given moment. So when you're wanting to lean into an astrological transit or a celestial event for manifestation, it's much more effective to work on your mindset and perceptions first, and then let your intuition guide any ritual or spellwork to amplify your intentions.

Below is a tarot spread I shared in today's episode to help you identify + work through any subconscious blockages that may be making it difficult for you to get into or stay in a manifestation mindset.

Getting Into A Manifesting Mindset Tarot Spread - That Witch Next Door
Download PDF • 1.04MB

Those who treat witchcraft and magick as a marathon, and not a race, will get the most out of this path 🖤 Mindfulness practices, introspective work, soul healing—these may not be the flashy, fun spells or the sparkly-feeling magick, but it is the foundational, lifetime-sustaining work that will gift you years of marvelously transformational magick.

I hope this manifesting mindfulness tarot spread is helpful for you wherever you are on your path as a witch. Comment below and let me know if you use this spread!



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