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Welcoming Mercury Home

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Last week we started talking about effective communication and the importance of validation. Well, we’re going keeping on the same track because the focus this week is on being intentional with our words as Gemini season is upon us. The Sun will move into Gemini on May 19th but not before Mercury gets there on May 3rd, followed by Venus on May 8th. (You can read all about Venus in Gemini over on the Arcana Herbal blog.) And if you’ve been in That Witch Next Door’s community for even a short time, you probably know that I get down with some Gemini energy, especially with it being my natal Mars. My sister is a Gemini Sun (who shares a birthday with both my grandfather and cousin, so +2 Geminis), my daughter has a Gemini Moon, and I’m serious when I say I could go on and on here. Pun intended... see what Gem energy does for me? I’m a regular comedian.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mercury. So when Mercury goes into the sign of Gemini (and Virgo, it rules both) you’ll hear a lot of us in the astrological community refer to this as Mercury going “home.” When a planet is in its home sign, they get comfy. Because, well, they’re home. Think about what that means for you. For most of us, we’re the most comfortable at home. It’s the one place in the world where we can be the purest form of ourselves. Well, this applies to the planets and luminaries, too! They get home and take off their shoes and pants and bras, and dance in the kitchen while they cook stovetop mac n cheese. Which is a Dani way of saying the qualities each planet embodies are almost more potent, more authentic at least, while in their home sign.

Mercury will be in his home sign from May 3rd until he moves into Cancer on July 11th, though we’ll be in Mercury Retrograde (rx) from May 29th to June 22nd. And while in Gemini the energy will be very naturally talkative and interactive. People will feel easily inclined to chat, there will be a natural curiosity in the air (Gemini and Mercury are both Air energy after all) which can lead to YouTube binges and an increase in Google searches for the latest celebrity gossip. Kidding (and also not kidding), but with a rise in the desire to hear all the details we can harness this energy and direct it towards something we’ve been wanting to learn more about. Are you interested in astrology, witchcraft, a specific god or goddess, a religion or spirituality, philosophy, psychology…? This list is clearly endless. Now is the time to get cozy at home (or anywhere you like to study) with Mercury and dive in.

My relationship with Mercury is really unique and personal to me, this is how I perceive, refer to, and work with this energy, but he and I are pretty tight. And while I do make sure to leave him offerings, like feathers or jars of air, and I like to offer him wine, coffee, and/or weed on an open windowsill. But I will admit that my main, most regular way of honoring him is through direct conversation, Through acknowledging him by giving him my messages and receiving his. To me that’s just a perfect way to work with and respect a deity of communication. His energy is very casual to me, what with being the god of cunning and trickery and thieves and all. We chat a lot. He fucks with me a lot but never in an intimidating manner. More of a brother or an old friend who loves a good laugh through mild pranks. Like typing in a password and it’s wrong, so you try a different one, and it’s wrong, but you could have sworn so you try the first one again, and it works. But Merc’s gifts are very valuable, especially for someone like me with a passion for communicating, so really walking with this energy has fruitful benefits.

Your relationship with Mercury may feel and look completely different! And not only is that perfectly okay, it’s one of my absolute, most favorite parts about this community. Our relationships to deities, ancestors, guides, spirit, entities, and energies are unique to each of us for all kinds of differences in our cultures, backgrounds, families, histories, ancestry, genders, sexualities, religious upbringing, ages, locations, and so much more. When I forecast the upcoming astrological energy, I refer to the planets as planets. But when I incorporate astrology into my Craft, I work with the corresponding deities of these planetary energies. You can work one or more of these deities, you can work with strictly the planetary energy, or a combination of both! Whatever fits and resonates with you and your Path.

Regardless of how you work with these forces, the overall energy is the same. Mercury in Gemini season calls us to interaction and information processing.

Honoring & Harnessing mercury in Gemini energy

  • Leave offerings for Mercury on your altar like coffee, tea, wine, juice, water, or get creative with a Mercury cocktail or mocktail. Grab a cup or mug for yourself and stay for a chat!

  • Speak aloud or write letters to your spiritual team and to yourself, or directly to Mercury! Ask for advice, blessings, or assistance. Make sure to speak or write your gratitude.

  • Dedicate a talisman to Mercury: an animal charm, a feather, a crystal, a plant, etc. See Mercury Correspondences below.

  • Look up synonyms to your favorite words to expand your vocabulary. Writing a post, comment, text, or email and unsure of spelling or grammar? A quick Google search for accuracy (and self-education!) is a very Mercury-friendly action.

  • Record your thoughts and then read or listen to them later. Yep, I’m still recommending good old fashioned journaling, of course, but something new I’ve started doing is taping my thoughts and ideas on the voice recorder on my phone. It’s great when I have ideas for content on-the-go, or when my thoughts for a blog article are moving too fast for my fingers to type or write.

We quite literally make magick with spoken, written, and thought-up words. Why do I own a shop, read tarot and astrology, offer spiritual coaching, and write a blog? Because I love interaction. I love being a part of it, I love observing it, and I love learning about it. I’ve always been fascinated with linguistics (which is the study of language and its structure); its vastness and major cultural differences, and yet its simultaneous basic human commonalities. I think that there is so much value in language and communication, so many benefits in broadening our understanding and respect for it. I can’t say enough how important it is, and then you top it off with witchcraft and now it’s paramount.

One of Mercury’s tarot cards is The Magician. The master of the elements, flowing easily with the Divine exchange of energy between themselves and the Universe. I’ll leave you with this to contemplate as we all step forth with this Mercury in Gemini season.

Are you interested in learning more about astrology? I’ll be teaching a beginner’s astrology course for Arcana Herbal very soon! Make sure you’re subscribed to Arcana Herbal’s email list so you don’t miss registration.

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