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The Easiest Kitchen Magick

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

“I can’t/hate to cook, so I don’t do kitchen magick.”

To which I will always reply, “No way!” Kitchen magick can have everything and nothing to do with cooking if you want it to. Obviously 99% of the time a kitchen witch is someone who enjoys cooking and baking, but I really think it’s time the take-out orderers, the PB&J-every-dayers, and yes, you, the cereal-for-dinnerers, start seeing kitchen witchery as accessible and easy as it truly is. Sure, the process of both baking and cooking are often ritualized in witchcraft, but I assure you your food can be completely prepared for you and you can still successfully practice kitchen magick. You already eat and drink every single day, which makes this quite possibly the easiest way to consistently incorporate your Craft into your daily life.

First things first:

Your energy & Intention while preparing and consuming food & drink play the biggest role in kitchen magick

This is really the most important aspect in Kitchen Witchcraft. Be mindful when you're accidentally infusing negative, frustrated, stressful, anxious, confused, distracted, or angry energy into your food and drink. When we focus on these emotional energies while making our coffee or heating up our lunch, we can inadvertently amplify our own misery.

This also means that when we're using kitchen witchcraft for spells and manifestation, we can't let our mind wander at total random while we're preparing or consuming our food and drink. We're human -- our minds have, well, a mind of their own -- we naturally get distracted, it's going to happen. All I ask is you put forth the effort to stay focused. For thousands of years eating and drinking have been used as sacred rituals, this stuff really works, so promise me you'll practice with intent and mindfulness (otherwise, don't come crying to That Witch).

Now, there are loads of ways to perform kitchen magick without using even a cooking utensil, it really is a form of manifestation anyone can practice. The following tips are for everyone! Because let’s face it, we all get busy and lazy. An honestly, lazy witchcraft is some of my favorite witchcraft.

Charge With Intention

If I had to crown one of these, Literally The Easiest Thing You Can Do, it would probably be this one. Just like you charge a crystal, a candle, an herb, or any tool with your power and intention, you can charge both your food and drink. This is very popular with fitness and beauty magick. You can say an affirmation aloud, or simply hold your plate/bowl/glass/etc. in both hands and visualize your goal or intent. I recommend eating with mindfulness as this can amplify your success and results; just try to continue picturing your desire throughout the meal, snack, or beverage.

Use Sigils and Symbols

Almost as easy as charging your food and drink, using your finger to draw sigils or symbols in the air just above whatever you’re about to consume is a very effective way to manifest via eating (yum). You can even use condiments (and sometimes the help of a toothpick) to paint or draw directly onto food or draw your symbol onto the plate before you place your food onto it. You can also create your own stencils of your favorite sigils or symbols. Season food evenly over the stencil with herbs/seasonings or dust desserts, lattes, and hot chocolate with confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, or cinnamon. Even pumpkin pie spice is a powerful blend that can protect, attract luck, and enhance your psychic abilities.

Mindful Seasoning

Okay, this one sounds like it involves cooking, but stay with me here. Just like our pumpkin pie spice blend, we can purposefully choose specific herbs, spices, and even various salts to season our food with not only flavor, but our magickal intent as well. (Check out my post on beginner, must-have herbs for some guidance into what is likely already in your kitchen cabinet.) This includes even the easy-peasy salt and pepper we add to our food right before we’re about to eat. Ha! Told you you wouldn’t have to cook. All you have to do is hold whatever spice or seasoning you’re about to add to your food, close your eyes, and infuse it with your magick. Well now that gives me an idea...what else might we use to charge our food or drink? (Hint: it’s the next tip.)

Take Advantage of the Moon Phases

You can do A LOT with the moon and kitchen witchcraft. First up, pick a moon phase that coincides with your purpose or just feels right to you (see my post on moon phases to remind yourself which is best for your specific magickal intention). If your climate will tolerate it, you can put food outside, somewhere safe from wildlife and over-exposure, to charge in the moonlight (or lack thereof if doing a new moon ritual). But if you don’t want to worry about weather or animals, you can set up an area near a window that faces the moon at one point throughout the night. Make sure you select food and drink that won’t go bad from sitting out overnight, and that you have it in some sort of clear container, jar, or glass. Some foods won’t need to be sealed and covered, while others will definitely need to be.

Examples are endless, but to give you a few ideas: nuts, seeds, baked goods, chips, crackers, popcorn, even sweets. You can leave a pitcher of tea brewing in the moonlight or simply leave out tea bags or the next morning’s coffee grounds. If you don’t want to leave food or drink out, you can always charge your dishes, glassware, or silverware! Program the objects with your power and magickal purpose and then leave in a safe place in the moonlight. This kind of moon-kitchen magick is amazing for manifesting, releasing, protection, hex-breaking, and seriously SO much more.

And if that wasn’t enough, remember the other elements of weather! There are all kinds of ways to use the sun, wind, rain, and snow to incorporate their powers into our food and witchcraft.

Stir Drinks Clockwise

I think it’s safe to assume everyone enjoys some kind of morning or nightly beverage. Coffee, tea, water, juice, smoothie, some kind of milk, etc, etc, etc. Whether or not your drink requires stirring, stir it anyway. Create an affirmation that resonates deeply with your life and your desires. Stir your drink and say the affirmation aloud with each stir; I recommend three times, but you should speak/stir until it feels right for you. This infuses the beverage with your magickal objective. As with mindful eating, be sure to drink your cup with purpose and visualization. (Psst. A great way to practice these new tips is to try my Sweet & Spicy Golden Milk recipe. Whip up a toasty mug just in time for Mabon!)

Use this recipe as inspiration to make your own magickal seasonings! Instead of salt you could make an herbed sweetener, butter/oil, or even keep a blend of herbs and spices to use on meat or veggies (before or after cooking).

Confidence-Boosting Herbal Salt

Sprinkle a pinch or two of this onto food before consuming to reduce anxiety or amplify your inner courage.

Time: 2 min | Makes: ¼ cup


3 tbsp salt

1 tsp dried basil

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp dried rosemary


Combine ingredients in a small (preferably glass) bowl. Finish by stirring clockwise and saying aloud:

Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary,

joined hand-in-hand with Salt,

ease my stress and anxiety,

bring my worries to a halt.

I will the strength and durability

to face my fears and dread

with fruitful success and victory.

By courage I am led!

Close the spell with a sealing phrase that is personal to you. (Ex. “So mote it be.”)

Store in an airtight container. Tip: charge in the light of the full moon for an extra boost!

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