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1:1 Services

My one-on-one mentoring sessions are personalized to you and your journey. These value-packed meetings are perfect for getting support growing your business, learning more about reading astrology charts for yourself or others, strengthening your intuitive abilities, and Developing your spiritual practice.
I offer a limited number of spots for my 1:1 sessions every month so I can offer my full and present energy with each and every client.

Fill out the booking form below and I will contact you within 48 business hours to secure your spot and schedule your appointment!

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1:1 Sessions
  • Bundle & save on 5 x 1:1 monthly tutoring sessions

    1,111 US dollars
  • For help and guidance in your astrology and witchcraft studies.

    333 US dollars
  • Bundle & save on 5 x 1:1 monthly business development sessions

    1,700 US dollars
  • Let's brainstorm, problem-solve, heal, & strategize for your business ...

    444 US dollars
  • For spiritual and witchy podcasters seeking guidance and support!

    444 US dollars
  • Actually learn your birth chart and how to use your personal astrology

    333 US dollars
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